The Mathematics Programme of the National Mathematical Centre (NMC), Abuja is the Pioneer Programme of the Centre at inception of Centre in 1989. Infact, most of the scientific activities of the NMC could be ascribed to the Mathematics Programme. The Pioneer Co-coordinator (who also doubled as the Deputy Director and later Ag. Director of the NMC) of the Programme is Late Professor Rufus Fidelis Adetunji Abiodun – popularly called RFA during his life time by all and sundry. Professor Sunday Osarumwense Iyahen took over the Co-ordinatorship of the NMC on the demise of RFA. He also was Ag. Director of the Centre at one time or the other after which Dr. Benjamin Oyelami Co-ordinated the Programme in acting capacity. Professor Adewale R.T. Solarin became the Dean of Mathematical Studies as Mathematics Programme was called during his tenure before the name of the programme was reverted to what is was at the point of the establishment of the Centre. The current coordinator of the Programme is