The Registry Department is the life-line of the workings of the Centre and it provides various supportive administrative services for the Centre. It is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Organization’s logistics. The department is headed by the Registrar.

The Registrar is the Secretary to the Governing Council and the Academic Board, as well as Council’s other Committees. He assists the Leadership, along with other Heads of Departments, in the formation and execution of administrative policies of the Organization. He advises Management on matters affecting the welfare of staff and material resources. He also organizes human resources of the Centre, and takes administrative actions in the execution of projects and contracts awarded by the Council.

Registry department, which serves as the nerve centre of the organization has among its duties; policy formulation and execution, evaluation of Scheme of Service and Conditions of Service, using both to effect recruitment and welfare of staff members.


Major Functions of the Registry include:

  • Recruitment Process
  • Management of Employee Data Base
  • Ensuring Statutory Compliance to rule and order
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Performance Appraisal of staff
  • Staff Management of Welfare and Employee Relations
  • Management of Labour matters
  • Staff Exit Formalities.

The Registry thus provides services to enable the Centre achieve its goal. The Registry therefore organize, link and facilitate the programmes and activities of the Divisions and Units in the Registry as well as other Programmes and activities of other departments. As the custodians of rules and regulations of the Centre, the Registry ensures compliance to such rules and regulations by staff and participants/visitors. To this end, the main features of the organizational structure of the Registry Department have been based on the following criteria.

  1. The delegation of the day-to-day central administrative responsibilities without impairing overall managerial capacity of the most senior officers
  2. The devolution of initiatives and responsibilities as close as possible to the point of action, and
  3. The Provision of additional support to the Director and Chief Executive so that he could have time for the difficult functions of planning, coordinating and control.


The department has the following Units carrying out precise duties to enable the system functions effectively.

  • Establishment
  • Governing Council and General Duties
  • Training and Staff Development
  • Legal Matters
  • Welfare and Pension Matters


The under-listed were the staff members of the Registry in 2017.

S/N NAME Qualification Designation
1 Alh. A. M. Biu B.A., M.A. (History), ADPA Registrar
2. Dr. Azuka, Bernard Festus NCE (Maths./Econs), B.Ed (Education Mgt./Maths)

M.Ed. (Educ. Planning)

M.Ed (Maths.)

Ph.D (Maths. Education)

Deputy Registrar (Establishment)
3. Mr. Obayomi, G. BSc. (International Relations)

MSc. (International Relations)

Deputy Registrar (Council & Top Management)
4. Barr. Okagbue A. I. LL.B (Hons), BL Deputy Registrar (Training)
5. Mr. Etim, I. A. BSc.(Maths/Stats), PGD (Comp. Sc.), MSc. (Fin. Maths.) Principal Assistant Registrar (Council & Top Management)


6. Ojogbede T. B. (Mrs.) BSc. (Geography) Principal Assistant Registrar (Establishment)
7. Obanure Kehinde B. A. (Ed.) Religious Studies) Principal Assistant Registrar (Legal)
8. Eyemese Pius E. OND (Secretarial Studies),


Chief Personal Secretary
9. Salami I. O. 50WPM (Typewriting), Certificate in Personal Assistant (ECO) Cert. Principla Executive Officer 1 (Establishment)
10 Ogbu Alfred BSc. (Sociology) Assistant Registrar (Establishment)
11. Kadiri Faustina N. HND (Office Tech. & Mgt) Personal Secretary 1
Olorunmaiye Joel HND (Mgt), PGD (Bus. Admin.), MBA(Mgt) Assistant Chief Executive Officer
12. Ibikunle Alex R. B. Tech (Bus. Admin & Mgt.) Assistant Registrar
13. Garba Richard BSc. (Public Admin.) Senior Executive Officer
14. Ojo Mary B. BSc. Econs./Stats.

MSc. (Financial Maths.)

Senior Executive Officer
15. Armstrong Ezenwayi LL.B (Hons), BL Education Officer II
16. Mohammed Fazhi Ibrahim BSc. (International Studies) Administrative Officer II
Abigail Aigomawu BSc (Industrial Maths.),


Administrative Officer II
17 Alao Ruth Oluwakemi BSc. (Business Admin.) Administrative Officer II
18. Mrs Deborah Bassey BSc. ( Business Admin.) Administrative Officer II
19 Kasimu Mohammed ND (Public Admin.) Chief Clerical Officer
20 Agbane Monica ND (Adult Education in Community Development) Chief Clerical Officer
21. Olorunmaye Grace T. Cert. in Local Govt. Admin. Chief Clerical Officer
22. Arikawe, Juliet Adebukunola ANDSS, ND(Public Admin.) Personal Secretary 1