NMC has produced several instructional materials over the years. Some of the NMC products, which are the basic tools for the implementation of its Mathematics Improvement Programme (MIP), consist of:

  1. Teaching Modules for Teachers—Primary 1,2,3,4,5,6;
  2. Teaching Modules for Teachers—JSS1,2,3; SS1,2,3;
  3. Workbooks for pupils—Primary 1,2,3,4,5,6;
  4. Workbooks for students—JSS1,23; SS1,2,3;
  5. Teaching Modules for Primary 1-6 (2003)
  6. Teaching Modules for Secondary School JSS 1 – SSIII (2003)
  7. Workbooks for Primary School 1-6 (2004)
  8. Workbooks for Secondary School JSS1 – SSIII(2004)
  9. Mathematical Games for Primary Schools;
  10. Mathematical Games for Secondary Schools;
  11. Basic Concepts on Difficult Areas in Secondary School Mathematics;
  12. Basic Concepts on Difficult Areas in Secondary School Mathematics and Solutions to WASSCE and NECO SSCE Questions from 2000-2005;
  13. Mathematics for Primary Schools—Primary 1,2,3,4,5,6;
  14. Mathematics for Secondary Schools—JSS 1,2,3; SSS 1,2,3.
  15. The Whiz-Teacher (a device designed for ICT based teaching method)
  16. Primary and Secondary Mathematics Kits (P/SMK)

NMC scientific activities have since given rise to scientific literature in form of National Mathematical Centre, Abuja Publications. The following include some of the major high level publications of the Centre:

  1. Proceedings of the National Mathematical Centre on ordinary Differential Equations 2000.
  2. National Mathematical Sciences Summit and Annual Lecture 2000 Report
  3. Lecture Notes Series Number 1 A Foundation Postgraduate Course in Algebra 2001.
  4. Lecture Notes Series Number 2 A Research oriented course in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves Groups and Loops 2001
  5. Lecture Notes Series Numbers 3 A Research Oriented Course in Topological Vector Spaces Non-locally Convex, Non-Archimedeam 2001
  6. Lecture Notes Series Number 4 A Foundation Postgraduate Course in Object- Oriented Software Design Introduction to C++ Programming 2001
  7. Lecture Note Series Number 5 A Research Oriented Course in Semi Group Theory 2001
  8. NMC Proceedings Workshop on Mathematical Modelling of Environmental Problem, 2005—available on www.nmcabuja.com/proceedings
  9. NMC proceedings on conference on Mathematics of Computation and Application, 2005—available on www.nmcabuja.com/proceedings
  10. NMC: A Day Seminar on Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations, 2006—available on www.nmcabuja.com/proceedings  –these proceedings were mirrored in site in Sweden: emath.golonka.se/nmcproceedings

 NMC Journals

  1. NMC – Journal of Mathematical Sciences (NMC-JMS) – for publication of articles in core Mathematics and Science.
  2. NMC – Journal of Mathematical Sciences Education (NMC-JOMES) – for publication of articles in Mathematics and sciences education.

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