To strengthen the research base of the Centre, the Administration subscribed to a data base of journals through Science Direct that will last for the next two years with content spanning, publications from 1995 till 2017. In other to strengthen quality research, Research Groups have been formed among members of academic staff of the Centre for the first time in its history with Professors heading each of the Groups. Hitherto, the Centre had only an international research group called International Thematic Research Group (ITRG) formed by COMSATS Organisation. Also there exists a UNESCO Chair in Mathematics domiciled at NMC.

The Research Groups recently established at the Centre under this Administration include:

  1. Research Group on computational mathematics and scientific computing.
  2. Research Group on mathematical modelling and simulation
  • Research Group on stochastic modelling and numerical computing
  1. Research Group on artificial intelligence and computer human interactions.
  2. Research Group on Ethno-Mathematics. This was formed by Professor N. Agwu, a visiting Professor to the Centre under the NMC-Carnegie African in Diaspora Fellowship Programme. The Group developed strategies to enhance research, teaching and learning of Mathematics especially on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Network Analysis using women stories based on cultural experiences. A member of the senior NMC academic staff in the Group is already being trained to carry on the research after the professor’s period of visit must have ended.

Some of the research topics currently under investigation are concerned with areas of challenges facing the country namely: climate change, environment, economy and warfare.